Building a network among University Hospitals in Japan

We are building a network between national university hospitals across the country in order to support all patients who live anywhere abroad and foreign patients living in Japan. The advantage of building and using this network is

1) That they are a medical institution with highly advanced medical treatments.

2) That they have high language correspondence skills.

3) That multiple medical institutions across the country can cooperate with one another.

Due to the reasons above, we are able to correspond to various cases and languages, which make access for patients anywhere to become remarkably easier, which makes an access for patients to contact hospitals remarkably easier.

As of April 2015, there are 17 university hospitals that are open to patients who use this network. Moreover, this network activity is supported in many ways such as sharing information by all 42 national hospitals in the country as well.

The network office is placed in Kyushu University Hospital, and from this office as a starting point we cooperate with other university hospitals within the network. On this website, we will ask you to enter the patient’s or their doctor’s medical issues and concerns over it. In our office, we will consider the inquiries given, decide on the patient’s acceptance within the network, and then consult on which university hospital can give the service needed. For more details, please click “About the Patient Medical Information Inquiry Form”.