Japan is one of the strongest countries in the world in the field of medical technology, but until present its access has been limited only to domestic residents. However, with the development of telecommunication technology such as the Internet, it has become easier for anyone abroad to learn the details of our medical technology services. More people have come to know these details through their own medical conditions, and hope to receive highly advanced medical treatments in the country.

Moreover, there are an increasing number of foreign residents in the country due to the internationalization of Japan, and one of their biggest barriers when they need Japanese medical service is of course, language. It is such a difficult issue that medical institutions in the area of foreign residence cannot solve this individually.

There are an increasing number of Japanese who stay overseas for a long term period due to their study or work, but when they suffer from severe injuries or disease and think that they want medical services given in Japan, most have no idea which medical institution to contact and what procedures to go through.

Systems to help solve these problems are still not strong enough, and because we want to contribute in any way to make this better is the core purpose of this network construction.
Kyushu University International Patients Support Center

 (National University Hospital Medical Cooperation Network Office)